Getting back into the swing of things after the school holidays can feel like an uphill battle. But armed with a few fail-safe recipes, and a little bit of prep, you can boss school-run breakfasts, packed lunches, after-school snacks and easy family meals without (too) many tears.

So, get back to school ready with our simple and nutritious family recipes that can all be prepped ahead or batch-cooked, so you can feel ahead of the game.


Breakfasts on the go

Boss the school run by prepping a batch of muffins or a veg-packed omelette that can be eaten on the go. Failing that, have a healthy homemade loaf sliced on stand-by in the freezer, ready to toast each morning.


Lunchbox ideas

From veg-packed sandwiches to noodle and pasta salads, pack the kids off with a balanced lunchbox that will keep them going ’til hometime.


After-school snacks

Prep a few nutritious snacks that will restore energy levels and keep the after-school slump at bay.


Easy family meals

Cooking for little ones and adults isn’t always easy, so we’re turning to Jools for her brilliant, midweek meals the whole family can enjoy.

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